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This is my portfolio of web design, brand identity, Illustration, & comic creativity...

The best logo is always the result of a collaboration. As a graphic artist, I can come up with a clever design or pretty color scheme, but ultimately I am creating an identity for someone else’s brand. An honest discussion about goals, methods, and style preferences brings the best results. It creates parameters and structures to overcome that fuels the creative process.  It’s my favorite part of brand identity and logo design.

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Web Design

A good website is only as good as the plan to execute. “Form follows function” is a phrase often associated with architecture but it should never be overlooked in web design. Determining the target audience, creating a brand identity, and developing a detailed site map is often the foundation for smart design. These elements inform an intuitive user interface and allow for the scaleable infrastructure of a site.

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BAM! POW! ZOOM! I am a graphic artist by trade but comics are how I got here. In fact, I started college as an illustrator intent on becoming a comic creator. Ultimately I took a different path but I maintained comics/drawing as a hobby. I took a lengthy detour from my first love, but I did manage to work on a comic for a while. I did the inks and colors for a web comic in the form of Loop and Hoodie.

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